The publication has different sections and subsections to organize the thematic variety of its content. You can download each section separately by following the links below:

  • It contains in-depth articles related to the different areas of internationalization.
  • They show the presence of the University in the global academic concert, the role we play in that landscape.
  • It includes texts and information that focus on equality and human rights matters.

  • It presents in-depth dialogues with protagonists of the internationalization of UNAM and HEIs.
  • It stands out he participation of the international areas of UNAM.

  • Disseminates activities, events and initiatives, and publicizes other areas of international university activities.

  • It presents portfolios and visual dossiers on diverse topics, such as the cultural heritage of UNAM, both in Mexico and the world, or the creative work of the university community on diverse themes.

  • It fosters inter-university dialogue through collaboration and also allows us to learn first-hand about the experience of exchange students.