IV Spanish Language Week in the US and Canada. The Value of Spanish in Sciences and Humanities

Alberto Foncerrada
UNAM-Chicago and the Mexicans Abroad Support Program (PAME, Spanish initials) will hold the fourth edition of this annual event, which in 2023 focuses on “The Value of Spanish in Sciences and Humanities.” The co-organizing institution on this occasion is Northwestern University.

Specialists from UNAM, the Mexican Academy of Language, and universities in the US and Canada will participate, invited by UNAM’s offices in San Antonio, Tucson, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Canada.

The topics and activities of the meeting will be presented in various formats such as talks, round tables, and conferences that will be held virtually from May 15 to 19. Participation is open through registration at Northwestern University’s web page for the event (access using the QR code included below or this link: https://bit.ly/3xNOeiL). 
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